Lea and the flamingo

Directed by Antonio De Palo
DirectorAntonio De Palo
Key CastVittoria Schisano, Maria Di Biase, Lidia Vitale, Michele Sinisi
ScreenplayAntonio De Palo e Piero Rossi
GenresDrama, Surreal
ProductionAssedio Film, Beagle Media, Open Mind
ProducersVincenzo De Marco, Antonio De Palo, Sergio Panariello, Luca Zingone, Piero Rossi
Run time27'
Film fundingCampania Film Commission, Apulia Film Commission

In Italy, where the conservative government seeks to imprison all transgender individuals as a threat to traditional family values, Lea (45), a transgender woman held in isolation in a remote mountain prison, falls into a deep depression.

As imaginary scenarios shape in her mind, the country erupts into social conflict and Lea will have the opportunity, mixing reality and imagination, to find a role that restores her will to live and fight for her freedom, and for the freedom of all transgender people.

Lea and the flamingo

directed by Antonio De Palo
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