Out of place

directed by Sergio Panariello
DirectorSergio Panariello
Key CastAndrea Simonetti, Antonio Carella, Michele Pereira Da Paz
ScreenplayAngelo Amaro
ProductionAssedio Film, Beagle Media, Open Mind
ProuducersVincenzo De Marco, Antonio De Palo, Sergio Panariello, Luca Zingone, Piero Rossi
Run time22'
Film fundingApulia Film Commission

Andrea finds himself at the worst party of his life, he is there to celebrate Luca, his best friend, who has finally accomplished something: ending his own life.

Luca has committed suicide, and despite Andrea's glass always being full, he is not at a party but rather at a funeral wake.

Both of them grew up in the same small town in the province of Puglia; Andrea is the typical office worker, while Luca filled his life with adolescent ambitions, occasional relationships, and brightly colored shirts, never finding the courage to choose a path. They are both losers.

The wake is attended by a plethora of attendees who have come to pay their emotional respects; Andrea is there too, realizing that to prove to his friend that he has changed, he must be entirely, irreversibly, disrespectfully out of place.

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