The sea that move things

directed by Lorenzo Marinelli
DirectorLorenzo Marinelli
Key CastNando Paone, Gea Martire
ScreenplayLuca Lepone e Lorenzo Marinelli
ProductionOpen Mind, Assedio Film, Beagle Media
Run time15'
Film fundingCampania Film Commission, Apulia Film Commission

Massimo is the owner of a beachfront establishment, which also serves as his home, where he resides with his wife and two daughters.

Since discovering he has Parkinson's disease, everything has changed. His days pass in a state of apparent uselessness while the world continues to turn, seemingly having forgotten about him.

An encounter with an African boy, who mysteriously found his way into the kitchen of his restaurant, will provide him with an opportunity to confront his pain, set it aside, understand that he is still capable of caring for others, and start feeling better. Because more than the disease itself, it is fear that is the true enemy to be fought.

The sea that move things

directed by Lorenzo Marinelli
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