• Lea and the flamingo
    directed by Antonio De Palo
  • The sea that move things
    directed by Lorenzo Marinelli
  • The best day
    directed by Ivica Vidanovic
  • Space Beyond
    directed by Francesco Cannavà
  • U muschittieri
    directed by Vito Palumbo
Beagle Media is an independent film production company founded in 2018 by Vincenzo de Marco and Antonio De Palo, based in Puglia. It was established with the aim of creating high-quality films and documentaries for an international audience.

Over the years, Beagle Media has secured funding from leading public agencies in the industry, including MIC Selective Grants, MIC Minority Co-productions, Apulia Film Commission, Sicilia Film Commission, Campania Film Commission, Idm Südtirol Film Commission, Piemonte Film Commission, and has participated in major international film markets.



Via Silvio Pellico 8, 70015 Noci (BA), Italia
Tel +39 349 132 1818 - produzione@beaglemedia.it

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